Coffee Talks with Harrison T. Crite

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It’s such a privilege living in New York City where the world is at your fingertips and your next unforgettable moment is only an RSVP away. One really great moment of 2018 has been attending #NewYorkCoffeeTalk hosted by Vanessa Lundy. This series of Coffee Talks travels through cities like New York, Boston and New Orleans to exchange valuable dialogue between individuals who've paved their own lane in industries like fashion, fitness, and the grind. I attended a Coffee Talk with international stylist, Harrison T. Crite in an intimate corner of Brooklyn Roasting Company. Even though he just came off a flight, Harrison dropped so many gems about his entire experience with faith and hard work in the fashion industry.

Side Money Still Makes You Money... 

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If you ever go broke, you can still make money! Harrison made it clear that whatever you're good at can bring you income. As a photography student in undergrad, Harrison used his talents to keep his pockets full. He took photos at school events and started selling prints on site. Not too long after, Harrison's profit made him able to invest in quality equipment to keep his business booming. Present day, Harrison uses his degree in Graphic Design to create beautiful logos, flyers, and business cards for clients all around the country while being an impeccable stylist. #CriteImpression Another thing Harrison added was the importance of expensing your funds. Keeping track of your spending makes it easier to understand what spending is necessary and what can be saved. A penny saved is a penny earned!

Silence is Golden

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Before he moved to Brooklyn, NY for good, Harrison traveled back and forth between New York and Tennessee . When he made the final decision, he told his mom he was leaving town. His mom like many moms, thought he was just wishfully thinking. Lo and behold, Harrison packed his things and left a week later to intern with Swiss Post during NYFW. Real Gs move in silence like Harrison!

During NYFW it's always about being seen, not heard even for the staff. While working between shifts, Harrison would change his clothes for photo opportunities. Let your style do the talking! While networking is always suggested in settings like NYFW, everyone thinks they’re someone and some connections can lead to dead ends. For Harrison, making use of the pamphlets filled with names and information connected him to the right people. Reading is fundamental!

Tunnel Vision

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Things take time. It was during Harrsison's third year doing NYFW that he was chosen to work with BET's Rip the Runway. Harrison’s advice: Be perceptive of your surroundings and take advantage of everything accessible to you. Things dont always happen at your timing. This is when you have to execute Harrison's "Faith over Fear" mentality. Put the work in and dont be afraid to ask questions. This is how you strengthen your craft. Even if that means you have to start over, it's important to "Trust what you do and know your worth." 

I’m so thankful I took that trip to Dumbo on a early Saturday morning to hear Harrison’s story! My journal is filled with notes. I left that coffee house filled with inspiration. A lot of what he spoke about resonated with me directly as I navigate through this blogging world but I continue practicing “Faith over Fear”. I’ll be where I need to be in due time. 


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