From Brooklyn to Poland: Tyseem Lyles is going Pro!

Nothing was ever given to me. I can say my environment trained me well for the real world and to always fight for what is yours. And never give up on yourself.
— Tyseem Lyles

That quote was from Tyseem Lyles's 2014 interview with HNOW. In that interview, I told y'all that Tyseem was a big deal. He is proof that hard work TRULY pays off. On July 1, 2016, Tyseem Lyles signed his first professional contract to the first division Rosa Radom team in Poland! Read his humble and inspiring words on his great accomplishment below. 

“Don’t get impatient if it takes to long” probably the best advice I ever received. You don’t know the battles I went through and obstacles I overcame just for this signing day. I have constantly been over looked at nearly every step along the way but it only fueled my drive and hunger even more. I put so much time and hard work into my craft to always position myself for success no matter what. I Averaged 20plus in highschool and when I graduated was over looked... Went to college and dropped out. Then I found TC3 became an All American, 2x MVP, 2x Player of the year, and 2x Conference Champion still over looked. Went to Mercy College averaged 20 plus in 9 games before I fractured my skull. I was able to bounce back with the help of Tippy McTernan and the BYU fam. In the following year I led my team to their first ever Playoff appearance but in the end I was still over looked. Through it all I continued to put my head down and just grind. Now look at me now I am signing my first professional contract to first division Rosa Radom in Poland and my story is still being written! Glory to the most high.. ‪#‎Foreverslepton‬
— Tyseem Lyles

Tyseem is on his way up and I'm so happy for him! He's an example of what happens when you believe in yourself and DO NOT QUIT. Just let me know when I can get a jersey Tyseem! Keep it up!!