Desiigner Officially Took Over the Summer with "Timmy Turner"

It’s finally here. Desiigner drops Timmy Turner. The jury is still out on the young talent but one thing is for sure, he’s polarizing. Whether you liked it or not, when XXL premiered his “freestyle”, you have to admit it’s probably stuck in your head. Was all the hype justified? I’d say yes. 

Here’s why:

"Panda" f@#$ed up the early part of the summer. We all wanted to see if he could follow it up with more music and we got “New English” (which sounded like it may have been old music that was used to hold people over. I could be wrong), but didn’t it ring off the way his chart topping single did. Then the Freshmen Class freestyles dropped and we all got a to hear what sounded like a hook and the teaser videos of sessions with legend producer Mike Dean came soon after. It was seeming like he might have had a second smash in the bag all along. This is high energy, dark, rock infused stadium worthy, mosh rap to the ears. He might have wrapped up the second half of the summer. 

It’s also interesting that there’s a level of reflection going on in here. I’ll admit the kid can be hard to understand. But so far from what I gather this isn’t just a gangsta party anthem. We are hearing about the allure of the street life and fast money but quite possibly some consequences??? You can all let me know if you understand any more than I do.



You can say what you want about this generation of rappers - I’ve come to realize things just don’t stay the same. The kids always find something new and over time we get to see if it can become something special. Don’t act like our generation didn’t have “snap music” and whisper songs for days. I’ll take "Panda" over "Laffy Taffy" any day. 

Can’t we just be happy for the Brooklyn kid?

Open that mind up. I’m going to bring you all types of music. 

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- Greg Barnz


Greg Barnz is an NYC artist, graphic designer and other.