Hello, Good Buy!


From New Orleans, Louisiana, I headed to Miami, Florida (yolo) to catch a fashion show. I had some time to head to the beach and soak up some Sun. I'm shamelessly declaring that this outfit is all about my boots. I adore them! These Kenneth Cole "Galla" booties are IT! I love wearing them with mini skirts because they make my legs look longer and I really get to show them off.

A friend of mine once asked me if I ever wear the same item twice. I was so confused. He really thought I had it like that to buy new clothes for every #OOTD post I ever had! I was flattered. I think our generation forgets that we are not celebrities. I cant afford to buy new clothes all the time so I try to keep my clothes in good condtion and wear them in different ways so they can always look like new. I wore this skirt back in October when I was channeling my inner Hillary Banks. Today I'm wearing it with a colorful striped top and white boots. Same skirt, different slay. Buy your clothes with intention of wearing them over and over. If its truly a good buy, youll be able to play around and keep up with trends no matter how often they change. 

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