The Best Advice Ms. Tina Knowles Gave Me


Tina Knowles is undoubtedly the reason why many of dont have edges. After all, this Queen birthed Beyonce AND Solange.  I'm sharing the life hacks Ms. Tina Knowles blessed us with at the 2017 Essence Fest Beauty Carnival. Maybe following these will help us tap into the Bey or Solo in all of us.



When trends are simle and you get bored, dont be afraid to stand out! Do it the right way but - better. Dont be afraid to think out of the box. STAND OUT! Be seen from the nose bleed section while looking like you paid to sit in the front row! Be bold with who you are.  The world will love you for it. 

Get ACTUAL skincare!

Many of us (men and women) are using one soap for our skin and body! Ms. Tina Knowles says no! Also don't abuse the sun, black DOES crack! 

Share your story! 

You never know who's waiting to hear your story. Someone can be inspired by your truth. People can always tell the real from the fiction. No matter where you are in life, the world is waiting on you!