In light of the recent allegations against Mr. Bill Cosby, I feel compelled to say a few things:


Some of us know every line in every episode of Law and Order:SVU. Some of us cant even watch that scene with Ebony in "The Player's Club". We've watched fictional stories and movies depicting rape, and we might know someone who's been sexually assaulted. Whether it took place yesterday, last week, or last year we need to begin treating these stories with great care because for these victims, their lives will never be the same. The act of rape is violating, demeaning, horrific and traumatic. Some people never heal from these experiences and their interactions in society are altered forever.

Rape culture is accepted into our society so easily it's scary. This generation sadly will make a joke out of anything for 15 seconds of fame. Many of these jokes not only mock the alleged victims, but they desensitize the situation, making the crime seem less brutal and more comical. But ain't nothing funny about rape. 


Rape Culture is a term created by feminists in the 70s used to describe the way society blames victims of rape along with normalizing male sexual violence. Unfortunately, when many women come forth with rape allegations (within any time frame) they are immediately doubted and often scrutinized which is why coming out is so difficult for victims. When questioned why they hadn't come forth sooner, "Who will believe me?" is the usual response. Lil Duval's tweet is a perfect example of rape culture in our society. Implying that Bill Cosby is too old to sexually assault someone is about as stupid as saying someone is too rich to become richer. Lil Duval has publicly discredited the victim, defended an alleged rapist, and led more "followers" into the ignorance that lies within that which is rape culture. All in one tweet. 

There are those who shout "They want to break down our Black Kings! Wake up!!" While I do agree that they want to break Us down, I don't know if we're in that kind of situation and if we are, there's certainly a bigger picture that we are not seeing. The stripping of awards and degrees, the removal of syndication, and societal crucifixion are ways in which I think Cosby's consequences were racially charged. Nobody's EVER gone down like this. EVER. Not Woody Allen who married his adoptive daughter, not Charlie sheen who slept with half of L.A while knowing he was HIV positive, not Stephen Collins for admitting to child molestation, not Marc Wahlberg for his racist attempted murder of two men, and not Tim Allen and his drug possessions. These white men are sitting pretty, smoking a cigar in their villas on their private islands, while Cosby lost it all before he had a mug shot. Cosby's incredible legacy is tarnished forever because of what media has done with what he left for us to hold on to. To say 50 women are all working for the Man trying to bring Cosby down is a stretch. It's not impossible, but I think it's a stretch. With that being said, I think this situation will only get uglier because Cosby is black, but I do not think he shouldn't be punished (if he's guilty) because he is a powerful black man.

This entire ordeal is an ethical tug of war for me. I am both black and female. I know the Black experience. I've protested, I've mourned, I've shouted and I've celebrated. I thoroughly understand the severity of the Black experience in Amerikkka. After 8 seasons of the Cosby show, Bill Cosby was America's Dad. A black man was a father figure to the entire country. Point blank, Cosby had money and power. I asked someone "What if he really did it?" They replied with "If Bill Cosby really did it, that's crazy but I still don't think he should go to jail. He's too old. What's an 80 year old gonna do in jail?" I sat there deciding if I should rebuke him, smack him or both. I heard someone else say that the destruction of his legacy is punishment enough. 

This is America, and if you do the crime (and there is enough incriminating evidence against you, or don't have a good lawyer defending you) you have to do the time. I cant empathize for someone found guilty for a crime - especially that crime being rape. What I will empathize is the verdict. I think if he's found guilty they might make his sentencing extreme just to add insult to injury. What might've been a slap on the wrist for our white Woody Allen, might result in 20 years to life in jail for our black Bill Cosby. Like I said before, this is America. This is America for people of color. 



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