In the rewake of #OscarsSoWhite and a steady growing Oscar boycott, there will always be people with opposing opinions. That's just normal. What is abnormal is Stacey Dash. In her most recent interview with Fox News (go figure) she says in order to prevent segregation and promote integration, we need to remove channels like BET and remove programs such as the NAACP Image Awards. Even better, Stacey Dash says there should be no Black History Month because there is no White History Month. Then had the nerve to bring up President Obama like people wouldn't have noticed the garbage that just spilled out of her mouth.

The reason we have Black History Month, is because it's White History Month every day. In our schools, Black History is only taught in February and for the rest of the school year children learn about Columbus and other accounts of White history that are full of ambush, famine, robbery, and war finishing us off with the history of our Founding Fathers and the Trans-Atlantic Trade. Our textbooks are full of white history, while we only get a chapter about Martin Luther King Jr. We are forced to learn about White History. I was not taught enough Asian, Hispanic, or Black history in school. African Americans have not made many contributions to this country just for them to be overshadowed by white figures who either took the credit or created something else thanks to them. When we don't know our history, we give people power. We tell them that they can do whatever they want with our futures because we don't know where we come from and what we've done to contribute to the advancement of this country. 

Stacey Dash has been clueless since she starred in "Clueless". For her to say that BET should be removed is a smack in the face to black Hollywood - herself included. It's called Black Entertainment Television because it is white everywhere else. We needed to put ourselves on a pedestal to honor and support our own without having to play maids, butlers, drug addicts and pimps just to have a place in society where they already don't want us to be. Representation matters. It matters for a young black child to see a role model on their television screen that looks just like them. It matters that the entire family can sit around the television and identify themselves with characters that are just like them. That's how we fall in love with ourselves. It begins with a connection. It's imperative to connect with our own culture so we are able to carry it throughout our communities. But wait........

Ill just leave this right here....

We connected with her. That's why she graced the covers of our magazines. Our support helped elevate her to where she is now in Hollywood. She has put her status in Hollywood to very little work to represent African Americans and its become a nuisance to hear her speak. 

Can somebody revoke Stacey Dash's Black Card?