Big Chop Update!

It's been a little over a month since I decided to Big Chop for the second time. Now that I'm completely used to it, think now is a good time to talk about it! Since my BC, I've gotten so many questions about my hair so I'm going to use this post to answer them!

Why did you cut it?

I cut my hair because I saw a photo from Career Day last month and my hair looked like a winter hat with a side bang. Seriously! It took forever for me to get my hair to look presentable with my new growth fighting all the gel and pomades. After all that work, I still looked like I had a hat on. I lost all patience with my processed hair and decided it was time for it to go.


I thought so too!! I had originally planned to transition for about three months, then Big Chop, then put a protective style to keep my hair growing. But I couldn't take the winter hat anymore. 

"Do you not like to look like a woman?" - Mom

I love being a woman, and I think some of the most beautiful women have very little hair. (ie. Eva Marcelle, Lupita Nyongo, V Bozeman) so I wasn't worried about looking like a man. This big chop is giving me a chance to see what I really look like without hiding behind bangs, braids or whatever else. 

Weren't you afraid?

Not really. My hair had already been short for the past 8 months or so, and lets not forget my "big shave" from last year. 

What curl activator are you using?

I'm not using a curl activator! 4c hair does curl! It just needs a bit more loving than other textures. For my Wash n' Go I'm using the following on damp hair:

·         Castor oil

·         Shea Butter

·         EcoStyler Gel

·         Styling Mousse

I douse my hair with those products and massage my scalp in circular motions. No curl activator included!




I'm actually looking to color my hair.  I know nothing about color, nor do I know which colors would look good on me but I would like to try. As far as cutting goes, I think ill stay away from the scissors (for now!).

I cant wait to see what new things I'll be doing with my natural hair. The pixie cut was cute, but deep down I missed my curls. Permed hair came with too much baggage! I hope to be nicer to my hair this time around because I made a few mistakes the first time I went natural (too much heat, too much manipulation, lack of consistent trims) so lets see how it goes this time! 

As always, thanks for reading.