Saturday, May 31, 2014

No One's Left

This week the world was saddened to hear the news of the passing of Dr.Maya Angelou. And while I was shocked to hear that she was no longer with us, it was in that moment more than ever that I had an episode of self reflection.

I think because we are young, we foolishly convince ourselves that we and everyone else that matters - in some weird Divine defying way - are immortal. We all know that death is inevitable, but a lot of us (including myself) feel like certain people wont ever die.. or atleast they're not supposed to. It sounds crazy, but Dr.Angelou was supposed to live forever, just like Bernie Mac, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Ray Charles were to stay alive. But they're gone. We're losing all of the people we've looked up to. The question that keeps pounding in my mind is "Who's left??"

Friday, May 30, 2014

Outfit Of The Day: Memorial Day!

 Memorial Day Weekend was really chill this year. While many were away, I stayed in Brooklyn and hosted a BBQ with my Youth Group. What made this Memorial Day so amazing was that it was 87 degrees! The Summertime that we'd been praying for had finally appeared and I was ready! The toes came out, the twist out behaved and I was ready to catch some color!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What To Wear Wednesday: Graduation Day!!!

Its graduation season!! (Cue the confetti) First things first, CONGRATS GRADUATE! While some of you are graduating next month, many of you are graduating in the coming week! While graduations might be one of the happiest days in our lives, it's the hardest to dress for! If you're like me, you've waited last minute to find an outfit. But you're in luck! Here are a few tips you should keep in mind when putting something together to walk across that stage.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What To Wear Wednesdays: Lemongrass, Las Vegas, NV - My Vegas Style Challenge

 When's Content Director Jennifer Whitehead reached out to me to participate in the #MyVegasStyle Challenge, I really couldnt turn down the offer! To start things off, I was asked to put together an ensemble for 3 different occasions if I were to stay at the Aria Hotel located in Las Vegas,NV! In today's post I put together an outfit suitable for Lunch at Lemongrass  , a Thai restaurant located in the hotel. I did my research and I was blown away by the decor alone of the restaurant! High ceilings, leather booths circling the perimeter of these amazing cubical light fixtures, and then there was the food! (I feel like I'm doing a review! Lol!) The food was presented beautifully and I read nothing but great reviews on Yelp! about their authentic Thai dishes.

When thinking of a look, there are 3 factors: the weather, the venue, and who's going to be there. In this case, if I were in the desert that is Las Vegas Nevada, I know they'll be lots of sun, and heat! Lemongrass is an upscale restaurant in my opinion and I'd feel completely out of place in a t-shirt and sneakers! And as far as who's going to be there...always dress to impress.

So I came up with this look for Lunch at Lemon grass. I went with a distressed Boyfriend Jean because, lets be real. Its HOT in Las Vegas. Boyfriend jeans are loose fitting and wont cling to your skin like a skinny jean would. I also went with denim because I get cold easily and restaurants tend to get out of had with the air conditioning. I went simple on top with a loose-fitting white button down. Because the outfit is very simple, I piled on the accessories! The straw hat is such a steal!! I was so excited to add this to the outfit because I bought this hat yesterday! This hat is a statement! I went with these Marc by Marc Jacobs stud earrings because I didnt want too much going on in one place with the accessories, and the Long Tasseled Lion Necklace from Forever 21 because its the perfect length. I stacked on more gold with this Michael Kors watch, Midi finger ring*, and MCQ Alexander McQueen Leather Bracelet.

With the shoes, I have 2 options. Because I cant be the only one who packs their luggage according to outfit, and ends up wearing something completely different! If you're a brown lover like myself, you can go with the Galleria peep-toe shoe by Steve Madden with matching Sling *bag. And if you love black, you can opt for the Heeled Sandal from Asos along with the already mentioned Sling that comes in black.

Finish it off with a nude lippy and white polish and you're ready to go! Dont forget your Ray-Bans to protect you from the sun when you hit the Vegas strip!!

Look out for next Wednesday's post! I'll be covering Dinner! Thanks for reading!


* Not the same items as pictured, similar style.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Outfit Of The Day!

 Hi Everybody! Don't be fooled by the photo, I'm super happy but the Sun was in my eye. (The elements are never on my side!) It was Resurrection Sunday this past Sunday! Celebrating the Risen King and looking good while doing so ... what more can a girl ask for?!! In today's OOTD and the last one, the main color of the fit is white. White is the new black this season! You will find all-white everything, everywhere! Even though I'm always paranoid when I wear all white, I just had to put this beautiful outfit together! Click below to see what I wore this Resurrection Sunday..

Sunday's Best: Resurrection Sunday!

It was Easter Sunday! And everybody knows "Thou shalt be dressed to the T on Easter Sunday." And this Resurrection Sunday ceased to disappoint! 

One of my favorite looks from this Sunday was the fabulous Jessica in a beautiful geometric printed dress. With the subtle V-neck cut out there was no need for necklace and her bright red blazer went well with the red in the skirt of her dress. Put together with a pair of nude pumps and stone studs, Jessica definitely was one of Sunday's best! 
Click below to see more looks from Resurrection Sunday.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Cleaning!!! Pt.2

 The other day I spoke about Spring cleaning for us ladies, but fellas y'all got some cleaning out to do as well!  I feel like men's fashion is a little different. If you thought only women loved looking good, you ain't never seen a man in a windbreaker in 12 degree weather. C'mon we all know that one guy with only a blazer on in 16 degree weather saying he's not cold because he's got on layers! Moving on, these are the top 5 trends that were tried last season and should never be brought to life again: